Stretching out on the north-eastern bank of a MekongRiver bend, Vientiane reserves a great number of wonders. The city used to be capital of the Kingdom of  Lan Xang literally “Million Elephants”.

Vientiane was officially founded in 1560, when King Setthathirath moved the capital of Lan Xang. Vientiane in Laos means “moon gate” which represents his calmness and charisma.

Unlike other Southeast Asian capitals, Vientiane is rather a small and quiet town. Albeit its relaxing and sleepy atmosphere is being awaken with an increasing influx of tourists, it remains a little paradise to get lost around.

Vientiane boasts huge colonial buildings, ancient temples and colorful local markets. Traveling across the centre on a tuk-tuk offers a really enjoyable discovery. You will be amazed at the golden roofs of its splendid temples, old buildings stamped with French colonial architecture or the striking Triumphal Arch (locally called “Patouxai”) in front of the PresidentPalace. A myriad of exotic masterpieces are waiting for you!


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