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Code: VLD 04H


  • Day 01: Hanoi
  • Day 02: Hanoi - Thac Ba
  • Day 03: Thac Ba - Xuan Giang - Trekking 
  • Day 04: Xuan Giang - Coc Pai - Sin Khau - Trekking
  • Day 05: Dong Coc - Lung Khau - Trekking
  • Day 06: Lung Khau - Phieng Lang - Trekking
  • Day 07: Phieng Lang - Nam Tan - Trekking
  • Day 08: Tan Nam - Ha Giang
  • Day 09: Ha Giang - Yen Minh - Trekking
  • Day 10: Yen Minh - Dong Van - Trekking
  • Day 11: Dong Van - Lung Cu-Dong Van - Trekking
  • Day 12: Dong Van - Meo Vac - Bao Lac- Trekking
  • Day 13: Bao Lac - Ba Be - Trekking
  • Day 14: Babe
  • Day 15: Babe - Hanoi
  • Day 16: Departure



Day 01: Hanoi Arrival (D)

Arrive in Hanoi. Meet your guide and drive then transfer to your hotel in Hanoi center. Depending on your flight, you will have the rest of the day free or to start the city tour, meet the inhabitants of the capital, wander the streets or stay in to relax, you will have free time and without constraint. In the evening, our team will welcome you for a welcome dinner in one of the gourmet restaurants in Hanoi.

Overnight at hotel.

Gift of the Day: Postcards + Country + Map Map Trek

Day 02: Hanoi - Duong Lam old village - Thac Ba (B, L, D)

You  leave for the province of Yen Bai. On the road, you will stop at the village of Duong Lam which buildings  structure remain the same for hundreds of years: door, ancient banyan tree, temple, Mong Phu communal house and house dedicated to the worship of ancestors, old houses, pagoda built in 1632 and with 300 statues of Buddha. This small village is charming. Lunch in a family home. In the afternoon, you travel on a road through beautiful majestic limestone peaks in the middle of rice fields. Arrival in Vu Linh. You will meet Dzao tribe that welcome you into their beautiful home on stilts. The view is breathtaking, the beauty of the lake that borders the house is spectacular. You can swim or walk around if you wish to. In the evening, you will dine and sleep at your new host. It is a perfect place to mingle with people and discover the customs of the Dzao people

Overnight at the local house.

Day 03: Thac Ba - Xuan Giang (B, L, D)

After breakfast, you go for a boat ride on the lake bristling with hundreds of small islands in the shape of inverted bowl. In the afternoon, leave for Xuan Giang. Arriving at the village inhabited by Tay tribe,  beautiful rice fields and thatched roof houses are very authentic.

Overnight at the local house.

Day 04: Xuan Giang - Coc Pai - Trek (B, L, D)

Leaving early in the morning to Coc Pai via a beautiful mountain road, recently restored. Arrival in Coc Pai. Meeting with the porter team  and then trek to Xin Khau. Walking up  for two hours around with beautiful view of the rice terraces carved into the mountainsides. Arriving at the village of Sin Khau.

Overnight at the local house of Nung Peoples (5 hours walking)

Day 05: Trek (B, L, D)

You follow the path bordering the multitude of rice terraces and villages across the Nung, Hmong tribes. A long climb through a jungle trail to the top of Gragn 1800 m. Downhill with the beautiful scenery on both sides . You cross the village of Dzao  tribe to reach the village of Tay tribe for the night. Possibility of taking bath in a beautiful river side next to the house.

Overnight at the local house. (6-7 hours walking)

Day 06: Trek (B, L, D)

Climbing gently to the village of Dzao. Today, you are walking half the day in the morning to reach to a Red Zdao village where most of work people do here related to tea. This work requires a lot of patience and skill. Afternoon, working with local people in the tea plantation....

Overnight at the local house. (4 hours of walking)

Day 07: Trek (B, L, D)

Morning departure for walking in the area inhabited by the Tay. Visit schools during trek. Arrival at the village of Tay. 

Overnight at the local house. (5 hours walking)

Day 08: Trek - Ha Giang (B, L, D)

Departure for the last day of trekking in the region. You go up and down hills  covered by palm trees. You cross villages of Tay, H'mong tucked  in the small valleys. Picnic lunch in Pa Then village, the tribe with population so small in vietnam ... with a manificient view then continue to Ha Giang

Overnight at the local house. (5 hours of trek - 2 hours by bus)

Day 09: Ha Giang - Yen Minh - Trek (B, L, D)

Departure for Yen Minh. On the way to the destination where you will spend the night, you will stop at Quan Ba to admire the incredible scenery of the region. You will also visit villages of Dzao, H'mong and Tay on the road. Trek in 4-5 h before the town of Yen Minh.

Overnight at hotel. (Trek in 4-5 h -)

Day 10: Yen Minh - Dong Van - Trek (B, L, D)

From Yen Minh, you hike for two or three hours in the beautiful valley inhabited by  Zay tribe.  You will walk the high plateau of Dong Van. You will stop at Pho Cao to visit this H'mong village. At Sa Phin, you will visit the Royal Palace of H'mong King Vuong Chi Sinh, a famous historical site dating back to colonial times. Then you will dine in the place and visit Dong Van.

Overnight in Dong Van. (Trekking: 2 hour walk)

Elevation: 300 M

Day 11: Dong Van - Lung Cu - Dong Van - Trek (B, L, D)

Take the road to Lung Cu, the farest North of Vietnam. On the way to Lung Cu by a beautiful mountain road surrounded by impressive karst landscapes.  You will then return to Dong Van. Hiking to the summit of French Fort. A magical view of the valley of Dong Van.

Overnight at hotel. (Trekking: 2-3 hours walking)

Day 12: Dong Van - Meo Vac - Bao Lac (B, L, D)

Following the day of the week, you can go to the market (Sunday)  in Dong Van. This is an opportunity to see thousands of indigenous traditional costumes from different minorities to buy or sell local produce in this small border town. Then for few hours, you will go for a walk to visit the surrounding villages. Then you will go to Meo Vac via the famous Ma Pi Leng Pass to over 2000 meters. There will be a stop to absorb a breathtaking view over the valley dotted with terraced fields of hemp, karst hills, houses on stilts of H'mong, Dzao and the Nho Que river, romantic and quiet river which originates in the highlands of China, which covers the territory Vietnamese like a band of white silk.

Overnight in Bao Lac. (Trekking: 3-4 hours walking)

Day 13: Bao Lac - Ba Be lake - Trek + Boat (B, L, D)

Road to Ba Be lake, a beautiful lake in the mountains. Boat trip in the Nang river to visit a bat cave then move on to the area inhabited Dzao tribe that surrounded by beautiful scenery. You will have dinner and breakfast the followig day in a traditional house made of wood.

Overnight at the local house.

Day 14: Ba Be - Pac Ngoi - Trek (B, L, D)

After, walk for 2 hours to reach the boat. You will leave by boat in the magical setting of Ba Be lake which means "three oceans". The lake stretches for 9 km long and 100 wide at 1800m and is 145m above sea level. It is at the mouth of three valleys that come together in an arc. Ba Be is not only a site for dreamers and artists, but also for nature lovers. Nearly forty species of mammals live here, and over a hundred species of birds and many butterflies. You will disembark to see  Dau Dang waterfall and you  cross the lake to the pleasant village of Pac Ngoi inhabited by Tay. Bike trip to a cave in the region.

Overnight at the local house.

Day 15: Pac Ngoi - Hanoi (B, L)

Return to Hanoi. En route, stop to visit the National Museum of Ethnography of Thai Nguyen. Arrive in Hanoi.

Overnight at hotel

End of services,


-     Hiking in the region Thai

-     Hiking from Ha Giang to Bac Ha

-     Trail of Tonkin Alpes mountain

Level of difficulty:

5h00 of walking per day on average 4 days. Accessible to all who already have experience of hiking for several days and not fearing the discomfort ...

The walking rythm is slow and steady, suitable for everyone, the discovery aspect is privileged over the sporting aspect.

No technical difficulty, sometimes slippery trail.


Vietnamese speaking guide throughout the journey. During the trek, sometimes  team of local porters don't follow you because they take another road passable by their mopeds to be in charge of shipping bags and cooking. They are employed on site and managed by a local guide, responsible for directing and communicating with the natives.

Luuggages: Only your business day.

Luggage transfers: By Minibuses or motors

* In Hanoi, in cozy B & B hotel in base of double room

* In small cities, hostel or guest house

* While walking, homestay very simples  (sleeping on mats), but typical, offering the advantage of discovering truly minority life  of Tonkin. But it is always possible to wash.

Vietnamese cuisine is rich and varied , as one of the finest in the world.  However, the basis of Vietnamese cuisine is simply white rice, accompanied by a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, spices and sauces. At each meal, many small dishes that everyone can draw at will with chopsticks. You get used very quickly ...

Rice wine:

You are invited to share the rice wine by the host when  you sleep at their home. Without upsetting the refuse is not always easy. For those who do not like alcohol, drink in one gulp and make him the cup with both hands and make you the happiest of men ...

Regions through during this trek have been the site of bloody battles between the French and Viet Minh. For Vietnamese, it completely belongs to the past, especially since a large proportion of ethnic groups that we encounter fought alongside the French. The warm welcome in the villages is a usual. The paths are used by villagers and thus without any risk of mine.

What to bring:

A duffle bag or duffel bag with shoulder straps or better a large backpack which must not exceed 15 kg for business carried by the porters who have no other means than the backpack. Your backpack should be large enough to fit your business of the day (water bottle, camera, windbreaker, t-shirt spare ...).


Tariff for this trip:

The tariff may differentiate according to number of participants and the high or low seasons in Vietnam. Please contact our Sales Staff for the price of this trip.

Optional services: Upon your request

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